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Customize Some Holidays

September 27, 2010

One of the most important things to start cultivating as a young couple is a unique family identity. You do this through your rituals and your values among other things. Jacki and I have found that one fun way to do this is to find some obscure holidays around the world that celebrate things we value, then adopt those holidays as our own. It also reminds us of the rich culture to be cherished all over the planet, and that we all share a very human need for connection.

Try it out. Take a look online to find out what some holidays are around the world. If you see any that just sound fun or are somehow meaningful to you, put them down on your own calendar with a reminder a week before to celebrate them when they come up.

Our holiday is this Tuesday, the 28th of September: Wenceslas Day in the Czech Republic.

King Wenceslas

Why: Wenceslas was a Christian king of a pagan people. He stood up for what he believed in and made the care of the poor his utmost concern. He was martyred by his brother for his beliefs and his political standing. Plus, he’s got a cool legend affixed to his name. The story goes that when the Czech people are in dire need of him, his statue in St. Wenceslas Square will come to life and an army living within a nearby mountain will ride with him to route their enemies and restore his people to prominence.

How are we celebrating it? With a mix of both caring for the poor and a mythic adventure. The challenge is to do something good for someone who cannot repay you and also to go explore someplace you have never gone before (preferably a mountain), then come back with a legendary story to tell.

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