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The Home is Alive with the Sound of Music

August 6, 2010

You know that feeling you get when a song you love comes on? Or how much fun it is to belt out the lyrics of a song that’s totally out of character for you? What if you could savor those moments all day long? The fact is that you can.

I grew up in home where my parents always had the house bathed in music. Because of that, a good sound system is one of the first things that my wife and I have bought when we’ve moved into a new house. Think that’s a bit extravagant? Think again. Two years ago we bought a surround sound system for $50 at WalMart. Okay, so it’s affordable, but is it really that important? Take a look at these benefits of listening to music and decide if you can really afford to miss out on them.

  • Set the Pace– Your brainwaves naturally sync up with the tempo of the music you’re listening to. Want to get amped up, concentrate on a project, or stir up some activity in your brain? Listen to uptempo music. Want to settle down your racing thoughts, relax and enjoy a few moments of peace, turn on something with a slow beat.
  • Breathe!– When your brainwaves relax, the rest of your body follows in suit. Music helps regulate your breathing, which, in turn, reduces tension in your muscles, sends oxygen through your body and into your brain. All of this helps you think clearer and reduces stress. Stress leads to all kinds of heart problems and other nasty diseases you don’t want to have to deal with.
  • Tune Up Your Motor Skills– Music can help improve your motor skills. That’s why you run easier with an iPod or play with more ease when a song’s blaring in the background.
  • Memory Help– Listening to music while taking in information can help you recall that information when that music is played later.
  • Enrich Your Life– Music connects us to each other. We read the map of our cultures through the stories, words, melodies, and values expressed in song. We share experiences and explore themes of love, significance, happiness, etc. Branch out in your musical tastes and you can discover a whole way of life that you had never encountered before.

These are just a few benefits of listening to music. For more, you can check out this article in Men’s Health, and this article in And if you like the looks of those boomboxes, check out Lyle Owerko’s site for more.

So this week’s Quinessential? If you don’t have one already, go out and buy a sound system. If you can’t find one in your budget, try some cheap computer speakers in the meantime or an iPod dock. Then, start creating a playlist for your home.

If you’ve got some other benefits of listening to music, feel free to post them here.

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  1. August 6, 2010 12:08 pm

    I’m completely with you on this. Great post.

  2. October 28, 2010 3:37 am

    for computer speakers, i alway buy those computer speakers that are made by JBL and also Cambridge Soundworks, they sound great-‘,

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